Monday, 23 April 2018

Cargo Sleds

Good afternoon,

Keeping with the 3D printing theme, here are some more that I prepared earlier.

The current Star Wars Edge of the Empire adventure that I'm running with my lad is FFG's published supplement Beyond the Rim, a scene in which entails a possible cargo sled chase through the docking bays - shhh, don't tell Matt!

Anyway, I found this on Thingiverse, and...voila!

The unfinished droids are also 3D printed, though I have subsequently resized the R4 droid, and put it on a base - as it is at the moment it's just a touch too big. Hopefully, when I get the print back, along with an R5, it will be more compatible, size wize, with my two Wizards of the Coast astromechs.

Oh, and these sleds don't make half bad X Wing damage deck trays!


Sunday, 22 April 2018

Courier Speeder

Good afternoon,

Over this last term I have further experimented with the wonders of 3D printing. Thingiverse is a fantastic repository of cool bits and pieces!

Case in point...this. A V-35 Courier Speeder. My Edge of the Empire party needed a four seater speeder, so...

This is actually my second print - I decided that the first was too small, so sized it roughly to shoulder height in response to watching A New Hope accompanied by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra live - specifically so that the top of the roof is shoulder height.

I have subsequently found this. Ha, those black bits should be windows! (And it's a two seater? Not mine!)

Notice the layering of the print underneath. I filled in the underside of the nose, the roof and the back with Squadron Green Putty modelling filler to smooth it out.

Of course it's painted red, because, as everyone knows...the red ones go faster!

I also applied some rudimentary wear and tear to it.

That blue speeder above is a Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniature, purchased specifically for SW RPG.

I have also printed some repulsor lift cargo sleds, that came with these nifty stands. So I printed an extra one, drilled a hole, and...



Sunday, 18 March 2018

Bye Bye Ord Mantell

Good afternoon,

Well, our Adventures on Ord Mantell are over...for the time being.

Next stop...Beyond the Rim...


Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Fun with Ghosts

Good afternoon,

Last Sunday young Jono came round to very generously drop off a complete set of rulers, cards and dice for the boys at school (that makes six complete sets, excluding mine - thanks Jono!) and, while the opportunity presented itself, we broke out the minis and had ourselves a game. I had been fiddling around with Google Hangouts, seeing if it would be possible to video my next Edge of the Empire game with Matt, so, I figured, why not try out taping a game.

A couple of disclaimers...
  • This is from my tablet's webcam, so...yeah...
  • As we were in the dining room/lounge, there is no sound, as I didn't want to capture my family going about their day in the background.
  • Also, since it was just over an hour long, I sped the whole thing up, sepia'd it up with the intention of running an old timey silent film piano track in the background. Unfortunately, since this was recorded directly to Youtube through Google Hangouts and so I had to use Youtube's editing software, which doesn't allow for looping audio or additional tracks, the music cuts out way too early
Still, for what it's it is!

Yes, Nora did get blow'd up without firing a shot!

Thanks for the game Jono,


Thursday, 25 January 2018


Good evening,

Over my summer hols (it's been gloriously hot down here!), as well as knocking off my Thracians, I have finished off two more Macedonian [8] Pike elements, my last Greek Auxilia element (now I have three - a full Warmaster Ancients unit's worth), another Greek Psiloi element and a makeshift artillery piece.

(I say makeshift, because the Macedonians didn't use such light field artillery pieces (this being a HaT Roman Scorpio). They used rather lager pieces. So, this will have to be replaced...eventually.

As will that Auxilia element, since it is supposed to represent Hypaspists. I've got a birthday coming up in April, so I feel an order from Newline in my future...)

Finally, after many, many moons I now have an all option DBA II/12 Alexandrian Macedonian army complete and ready to field. Sort of.

II/12 Alexandrian Macedonian Army
  • 1 x General and companions (3Kn)
  • 1 x Thessalins (Cv)
  • 1 x Light Horse (LH)
  • 1 x Hypaspists (4Ax)
  • 6 x Phalangites ([8]Pk)
  • 1 x Psiloi (Ps)
  • 1 x Greek hoplites (Sp) or Thracians (3/4Ax) or Bolt-Shooters (Art)
Now to do another six [8]Pk elements, two 3Kn, one, possibly two 4Kn, four Cv, two [Armoured]El, (and possibly another two [Early]Elephants). Oh, as well as two elements of Hypaspists and two element of more period appropriate bolt-throwers. That'll cover most of the Imperial and Successor lists nicely.


Sunday, 14 January 2018


Good evening,

Over the last two weeks I've been giving Army Painter Quickshade Dip a bit of a work out. It all started with some Galatians.

As I was pulling out my next two Macedonian [8]Pk elements, I thought that I'd quickly knock off an element of Galatian 4Wb that I had put aside as part of a Seleucid army. Quick undercoat of Dark Fleshtone, top coat of Elf Flesh, slap on some Quickshade - done. Well, mostly. You might notice that with two of these figures I then went back over with another layer of Elf Flesh, only to realise that actually, they looked better without it.

In my original figure selection I only had two Italeri naked Gauls left over, so I grabbed two half naked Esci figs to make up the quartet. While I painting these up, I thought...I must have two more naked Gauls somewhere... And low and behold, amongst the unpainted Gallic army that I based up ages back, there they were. So, after pulling them off their respective Warband elements... only seemed right to give those a quick lick of paint. If I was really keen, I'd go back and give those torques some paint...

And, since I was simply slapping on paint...Thracians!

I/48 Tracians
  • 1 x General (4Ax)
  • 2 x horsemen (LH) + 1 x peltasts (4Ax)
  • 4 x peltasts (3 Ax) + 2 x peltasts (Ps)
  • 2 x archers (Ps)
  • 1 x Camp Followers (Ps)

At the same time I used my more normal undercoat + one layer + top layer (no Quickshade) style to knock off another Greek Allied cav and Auxilia to add either to my Hoplite Greek or Macedonian armies.

Not bad for a couple of week's work!


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Smuggler's Lament - Game 1 - The Worm Turns

Good evening,

Last week, being the last week of school for the year, the lovely children of Room 3 got me a parting gift, among other things, of money - enough to finally purchase a C-Roc Cruiser, Guns for Hire, and, with a little of my own that I had squirreled away (and the judicious use of one of the coffee cards that I was also gifted with), the Ghost. Cool!

So, being the start of the summer holidays and all, and having a fellow teacher keen on X Wing also on holiday, I thought we'd run the campaign. Smuggler's Lament.

The delivery of weapons to the Rebels (the crew of the Ghost, no less - Kanan, with Sabine in the Phantom) has been intercepted by both a Gozanti cruiser (another recent purchase), it's compliment of Academie Piloted Ties and a Patrol Leader in a VT-49 Decimator.

(I wanted Imperial ships with hyperdrive to fit my idea of a rendezvous out of system!).

  • C-Roc cruiser with a Heavy Laser Turret
  • Kanaan in the Ghost, with a Dorsal Turret
  • Sabine in the Phantom
  • Gozanti Cruiser with Docking Clamps, Dual Laser Turret and Automatic Protocols
  • Four Academy Ties
  • Patrol Leader in his VT-49

Mark took the Imperials, while I took the Scum and Rebels.

And so it begins...

Mark quickly deployed his docked Tie...took it off the rack, so to speak...

...while Kanan eyes up the Gozanti.

Meanwhile, the C-Roc cautiously observes the threat to its front...

...and the M-3 scoots out of the way!

Realising the danger of literally being run over by the cruiser, Kanan tries to gun past it...

...only to be stopped short by the Academy pilot. Stink! Any move forward next turn and the Ghost's road kill!

Mark unleashes the Ties (loosens his Ties?) upon the Ghost, while the VT takes on the C-Roc.

Kanaan yanks hard to port...

...and flies down the cruiser's flank.

Mark takes umbrage with the M-3, and directs the Ties to strangle his approach.

"Right, if I hard turn the M-3, I can 5K past the path of the C-Roc and come back around..."

Arghh! Mark blocks my M-3. So much for my cunning plan! that the VT has run into the back of the Tie..Mwahahaha! I've dialed the C-Roc straight on. Surely that'll hit the VT. Surely.

Surely not!


And two ships pass in the night...

As Mark does a recover action on his cruiser, I realise that the Ghost is on a hiding to nothing by taking on the Gozanti alone. I try to swing around the back to join the fight against the VT.

I had tried to be clever and block the Patrol Leader so as he could be run down by the C-Roc, but Mark more cleverly anticipated my move, flew the VT down south, and...

...blew up my scyk!


So I deployed the Phantom...

...initially off the mat...

...but Mark graciously allowed me to fly it in the right direction!

Second to last round in this eight round game before I can head off into hyperspace.

I fly my cruiser to starboard, gaining some distance on the VT, seeing as the Heavy Laser Cannon turret is a range 2-3 weapon, and we take yet more pot shots at each other. Mark is finally chewing into hull. Any one of the  crits taken must be carried on into the next game, so...yeah. No crits so far, but it's surely just a matter of time...

And on the other flank, the Ghost is on her last legs. Mark has just realised that he needs to destroy either the C-Roc or all my other ships to win the scenario. So he's swarming the Ghost. I just need to keep the cruiser and another ship alive to win.

I have a bad feeling about this...


...this might just work after all...

Yeah, nah, no it doesn't!


Any named ships that are destroyed cannot be bought back for subsequent battles in the campaign.

Drats! Drats! Drats!

Last turn, and having narrowly avoided a collision last time, this Academy Pilot...

...makes darn sure he manages to collide this time! You've got to admire his tenaciously. If at first you don't succeed...

I bug Sabine out stage left...

...while the Gozanti finally lands a crit, losing cargo into the path of Academy Pilot Two...

...just before it jumps into hyperspace.

Now that was a fun game. It was great to have my two new big 'uns on the board, even if they did ignore each other most of the game.

Game Two in the campaign will be later in January, when Mark gets back from his hols.

Thanks Mark,